Financial Information

Tuition Information

Total annual tuition is divided into 10 monthly payments and is due on the first day of each month from August through May. All payments must be made through our online FACTS website. For additional information, please read the back of the Parent Cooperation Agreement.

Cost Per Child

K3-K5 ½ Day

1st Child – $4,860
2nd Child – $4,374
3rd Child – $3,888
4th Child – $3402


1st Child – $5,896
2nd Child – $5,306
3rd Child – $4,717
4th Child – $4,127


1st Child – $6,112
2nd Child – $5,501
3rd Child – $4,890
4th Child – $4,278

Registration / Re-enrollment Fee

Payment of the new registration/re-enrollment fee confirms registration. Because space in some classes is limited, WE URGE YOU TO REGISTER EARLY. Please make your registration fee as a separate check. Do not combine the registration fee with your classroom curriculum/material fee or tuition payment. Registration fees are not refundable.

By April 30thAfter April 30th
K3/K4 – $200 Per ChildK3/K4 – $225 Per Child
K5-12th $275 Per ChildK5-12th $325 Per Child

Classroom Curriculum / Material Fee

This fee covers the cost of textbooks, workbooks, computer software, curriculum materials and certain classroom supplies and equipment. We offer discounts for early payment of this fee; however, all fees must be paid by August 1st. Please make your classroom curriculum/material fee as a separate check. Do not combine this fee with the registration fee or tuition payment. This fee is not refundable after August 1st.

GradeBy July 15thAfter July 15th

Miscellaneous Fees

Listed here are annual fees for participating students to provide funds for expenses unique to these academic, music, and athletic areas.

$35 – Art (K3-6th)
$35 – Art (9th-12th)
$75 – Band/Orchestra
$100 – Cheerleading
$75 – Drama
$75 – Graduation Fee
$100 – Varsity Sports
$85 – Jr. Varsity Sports
$75 – Middle School Sports
2021-2022 Rates