Enrollment Information

New Student Enrollment Process

  1. Review the Admissions Packet
  2. Campus/Classroom Tour and Observation (Optional)
  3. Pay the Registration Fee (Please be sure to enter the correct amount in the “School Registration Fee:” field and list your child’s name in the field to the right of the amount.)
  4. Bring the following to the school office:
  5. Schedule an Administrator/Parent/Student Interview
  6. Schedule and Take Academic Assessment Test (If required for 1st-12th grade)
  7. Administration Approval


The next step toward enrollment after mailing or bringing the Enrolmment Forms and Fee to the School Office is an interview with the Administrator. Enrollment procedures will be carefully reviewed for you and plenty of opportunity will be given for your questions. Due to the number seeking enrollment, we greatly encourage new families to interview and take academic assessment tests during restricted enrollment. Acceptance is contingent upon an opening, completion of the above steps, and administration approval.

As part of the enrollment process, a request will be made for a complete academic transcript and immunization records to be sent to us by the previous school. In some circumstances a review of the academic record may indicate unsuitability. If at any point we do not believe we can adequately meet your child’s educational needs, acceptance may be withdrawn. In that event, your registration fee will be refunded.

Academic Assessment Testing

After a review of all academic records, the administration may request an assessment test be taken for new students entering grades 1st through 12th. Results of the testing will be available within 48 hours.

Enrollment Period

Enrollment for all grades will begin February 1st. At that time we will begin processing all applications. However, should classroom space be limited, preference will be given to returning students. Starting March 1st all remaining positions will be filled on a first-come basis. GBS encourages families to apply early to ensure securing your place for next year.

Waiting List

In the event a class reaches its maximum capacity, applicants will be placed on a waiting list after payment of the registration fee. We will notify you immediately should a position become available.