Braves Athletics

Fall Athletics

  • Boys’ Varsity Soccer
  • Girls’ Varsity Volleyball
  • Girls’ Middle School Volleyball

Each year’s athletic calendar begins with our soccer and volleyball seasons. Our teams play a full schedule of games against other Christian schools. A portion of those games are played against other schools that participate in the MACSAC conference.

Winter Athletics

  • Boys’ Varsity Basketball
  • Girls’ Varsity Basketball
  • Girls’ Varsity Cheerleading
  • Boys’ Junior Varsity Basketball
  • Boys’ Middle School Basketball
  • Girls’ Middle School Basketball

The basketball season is the biggest time of the year for Granite Baptist Athletics. We have 5 basketball teams and a cheerleading squad that compete against regional Christian schools in and out of the MACSAC conference. In addition to those games, our teams also travel to several out of state tournaments each year.

Spring Athletics

  • Boys’ Varsity Baseball
  • Girls’ Varsity Soccer
  • Boys’ Middle School Baseball

Each spring, we compete in both baseball and soccer. Our baseball program is separated between boys’ varsity and boys’ middle school teams. Our girls have the opportunity to participate in the soccer program during the spring as well. As with our other sports teams, the baseball and soccer teams compete against regional Christian schools in and out of the MACSAC Conference.

Little Braves

We also provide athletic opportunities for students in grades K5- 6th known as “Little Braves.” Students can participate in fall soccer (boys and girls), winter cheer-leading (girls only), and spring basketball (boys and girls). Students in Little Braves will receive coaching and instruction and compete in a limited season against teams formed from other Little Braves students.

Meet our Athletics Director

Robert Romberger