Parent’s Page – Edition 13

Tina Romberger   -  


Lifetouch will be with us on Monday, March 20th for Spring Portraits. Students may wear “Sunday Dress” provided they follow our dress guidelines:



  1. Modest blouse; no lower than 3 fingers from the collarbone and must have sleeves.
  2. Skirt/dress must come below the knee while sitting and standing; a slit must not come above the knee.
  3. See-through fabric, clingy fabric or excessively tight clothing will not be permitted.
  4. No Tennis shoes; must have stockings or socks on with dress shoes.


  1. Shirt must have a collar and should not have any words or pictures.
  2. Pants must be slacks (no jeans), with a belt.
  3. No tennis shoes (secondary only).


Students who do not have a “Sunday Dress” outfit should wear their regular school uniform and bring with them a completed picture day form.  Students whose dress does not meet our guidelines will be sent to the Office and their parents will be called to bring appropriate clothing.



March is Missions month at Granite Baptist Church.  You are invited to attend our Missions Conference every Sunday in the month of March.  There will be missionaries represented from Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Ethiopia and Belarus.  In addition to the Sunday morning and evening meetings, missionaries will be presenting chapels to students as well as visiting with the students in the elementary classrooms.



GBS will be having Open House on Thursday, March 16th from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon.  We encourage you to come during this time to check out your child’s class for next school year.



Enrollment is now open for new families.  We are still enrolling our current families and some classes may fill quickly, so we encourage you to register early.  Reminder: Your enrollment packet is not complete until the registration fee has been paid ($150 for K3 & K4 / $200 for K5-12th).



Student Spectators (Including Elementary):  With the exception of special events, school uniform or “Sunday Dress” must be worn for all school activities including after school games, Saturday tournaments and evening events.



Parents, if for any reason you need to come to school during the day, please remember to check in at the School Office in the gymnasium.  No parent or family member should attempt to approach a classroom before first checking in with the School Office.  You must sign your name on our register and receive a visitor pass before proceeding to your child’s classroom.  This is part of our school security policy and ensures that we have a record of everyone on our campus at all times.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.



Please remember that students who are ill or have a fever are not permitted to attend class and should not be brought to school.  A child who wakes up with a fever and is given Tylenol is still a sick child.  Please do not send your child to school within a 24 hour period of fever, vomiting or diarrhea.  No student with a temperature of 100 degrees or above will be allowed to remain in school. Thank you for your cooperation.



14                    Tuesday                      Little Braves Basketball practice (K5-2nd)

16                    Thursday                     GBS Open House (9:00 am – 12:00 noon)

Little Braves Basketball practice (3rd – 6th)

18                    Saturday                      Little Braves Basketball games

20                    Monday                       Spring Picture Day

21                    Tuesday                      Little Braves Basketball practice (K5-2nd)

23                    Thursday                     4th grade field trip to Annapolis

Little Braves Basketball practice (3rd – 6th)

24                    Friday                          End of 3rd Marking Period

25                    Saturday                      Little Braves Basketball games

28                    Tuesday                      Little Braves Basketball practice (K5-2nd)

30                    Thursday                     Little Braves Basketball practice (3rd-6th)

31                    Friday                          Report Cards Distributed



2                      Saturday                      Little Braves Basketball games

3-10                 Mon.-Mon.                   NO SCHOOL: Easter Vacation

9                      Sunday                        GBC Easter Service at 10:00 am followed by “THE HUNT”

11                    Tuesday                      School Resumes

Little Braves Basketball practice (K5-2nd)

13                    Thursday                     Little Braves Basketball practice (3rd-6th)

15                    Saturday                      Little Braves Basketball games

17-21               Mon.-Fri.                      Senior Trip to the Wilds

17-24               Mon.-Mon.                   Standardized Achievement Testing (Grades K5-9th)

21                    Friday                          Progress Reports Distributed