Parent’s Page – Edition 5

Tina Romberger   -  


We are excited to welcome our Elementary Grandparents at 9:00 am for our Grandparents’ Day Fall Festival on Friday, October 28th.  School will be dismissed at 12:00 noon and there will not be aftercare.  Thank you!



GBS is pleased to host this year’s Association of Baptist Church Schools (ABCS) Junior Varsity fall sports Play-Offs.  We will be having six teams from our region competing in Girls JV Volleyball on Saturday, November 5th.  Let’s Go Braves!



Report cards are being distributed on Friday, November 4th.  Please sign your child’s envelope and return it to their homeroom teacher by Monday, November 7th.  Thank you.


NO SCHOOL:  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11th – Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parents please note school will be closed on Friday, November 11th for parent/teacher conferences.  Conferences are not mandatory but are recommended if your student is having trouble in any of his/her academic areas.  Please call the School Office at 410-761-1118 if you would like more information.



During morning drop off there is only one lane for drop off in the back parking lot.  K3- K5 and 2nd grade parents should use the lane directly in front of the Kindergarten modular for drop off.  If there is no line, please pull all the way down to the kindergarten porch and then drop off your child; do not stop at the ramp and drop off as this causes a backup. Children 3rd grade and up should be dropped off in front of the church building.  Please do not attempt to pass a car during the morning drop off for the safety of all children. Thank you.



A table has been set up outside the School Office for parents to drop off forgotten materials.  All materials such as homework, books, clothing, projects, lunch boxes, etc. must be labeled with the child’s name and grade level. The front office staff will notify your student’s teacher that the materials are at the front office for the student to pick up.  For the lower grades (K3-K5) one of our teacher aides will deliver the materials to your child’s classroom.



We wish to remind families that due to Maryland state law, if a student needs to receive any medication at school, we must have a medication form on file signed by your child’s doctor.  The medication ordered by the doctor should be sent in the original container with the child’s name on it.



Parents, if for any reason you need to come to school during the day, please remember to check in at the School Office in the gymnasium.  No parent or family member should attempt to approach a classroom before first checking in with the School Office.  You must sign your name on our register and receive a visitor pass before proceeding to your child’s classroom.  This is part of our school security policy and ensures that we have a record of everyone on our campus at all times.  Thank you for your cooperation!



Please remember that students who are ill or have a fever are not permitted to attend class and should not be brought to school.  A child who wakes up with a fever and is given Tylenol is still a sick child.  Please do not send your child to school within a 24 hour period of fever, vomiting or diarrhea.  No student with a temperature of 100 degrees or above will be allowed to remain in school. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.



28                    Friday                          Elementary Grandparent’s Day 12:00 pm Dismissal – No Aftercare

End of 1st Marking Period

29                    Fri. & Sat.                    GV/BV ABCS Tournament @ Independent Baptist



4                      Friday                          Report Cards Distributed

5                      Saturday                      ABCS Junior Varsity Volleyball Tournament @ GBS

11                    Friday                          NO SCHOOL: Parent/Teacher Conferences (9:00 am – 6:00 pm)

22                    Tuesday                      Pilgrim & Indian Day & Thanksgiving Chapel (8:30 am)

12:00 noon Dismissal – No Aftercare

23-25               Wed.-Fri.                     NO SCHOOL: Thanksgiving Break